A Little Sparrow

I am only a little sparrow!
A bird of low degree;
My life is of little value,
But the dear Lord cares for me.
He gave me a coat of feathers,
‘Tis very plain I know;
With never a speck of crimson,
For it was not made for show.
But, it keeps me warm in winter;
It shields me from the rain;
Were it bordered with gold and purple
Perhaps it would make me vain.
I have no barn or storehouse;
I never sow or reap;
God gives me a sparrow’s portion,
But never a seed to keep.
If my meat is sometimes scanty,
Close picking makes it sweet;
I have always enough to keep me,
And “life is more than meat.”
I know there are many sparrows;
All over the world they’re found;
But our heavenly Father knoweth
When one of us falls to the ground.
Though small, we are never forgotten,
Though weak, we are never afraid.
For we know that the dear Lord keepeth
The lives of the creatures He made.
I fly through the thickest forest,
I light on many a spray, –
I have no chart or compass,
But I never lose my way.
– Anonymous –
“Then have no fear; you are of more value than a flock of sparrows.”  (Matthew 10:31)

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