Processed For Similar With Christ

“The Desert” in life test us whether we are faithful or not to Lord Jesus, our Almighty God.

Greetings in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ!
Once there was a phrase “I want to be like Mike”, which means I want to be like Michael Jordan. Who is Mike or Michael Jordan?
He is a famous basketball player. He managed to bring his team, Chicago Bulls, NBA champion several times, in fact he had several times won MVP or Most Valuable Player. In what field you want to emulate Michael Jordan? Of course it could be vary things like, success, popularity, and wealth. People who want to emulate Michael Jordan, would be willing to go through the process of forging them to become qualified as a basketball player like Michael. The process is called practice, practice and practice.
Likewise, we as believers who want to be like Jesus, we must be willing to be processed through the exams and tests in life. Test of patience, controlling lust exams, examination of humility, and many other things. We will continue to face the same test if we have not passed the test. We could have had a long time follow to God but when we get processed, we are shock and not ready, so we do not pass the exam, then we will be tested again in the same way, on next situation and time.
God allowed the Israelites through the desert, wandering for 40 years, so that they become pure and ready to enter the Promised Land. It is evident that when they lived in the wilderness, they failed to do the will of God.
1 Corinthians 10:1-13 tells us that Israel became a warning to us that we are truly willing to live as God wants. Israel was called out of Egypt, were baptized in the cloud and the sea, has had close fellowship with Christ as their spiritual rock, and obtain a variety of spiritual blessings, but they failed to do the will of God when they are faced with a difficult situation.
Like the people of Israel, we are the ones who have been called out of “Egypt” that’s our old life, has been baptized in water and the Holy Spirit, has had close fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and obtain spiritual blessings, do not let ourselves to fail as the nation of Israel to fulfill God’s will in our lives.
There are 5 things we need to learn from the history of Israel, what is their failure, which is prohibited by God, as recorded in these verses:
1. Do not want things that are evil.
Get rid of all the evil of our minds, let us not want to do it, even think about it.
2. Do not become idolaters.
Maybe we do not worship idols literally worship the image or statue of some idols or deity. But we were warned that lusts is the same as the sin of idolatry. The Bible says: “For their lord is their stomachs”, do not let us be mastered by anything that makes us lose worship and focus on God. There are many of today’s modern idols such as online gaming addiction, busy making money morning noon and night, drug addiction, addiction of glamour nightlife, free-sex habit, many other bad habits, and so on.
3. Do not commit adultery.
Israel is a blessed nation. One time king Balak told Balaam to curse Israel, but each time Balaam want to curse, his mouth speak a blessing. This happened several times. What has been blessed by God can not be condemned. However, Balaam advised Balak to make Israel sinned against God by making them commit fornication with the women of Moab, that they may at last be damned. Because sin caused the curse. That is why, we must not  commit fornication because it is a heinous sin in the sight of God.
4. Do not tempt the Lord.
Lord Jesus when tempted by the devil to throw himself down, said to Satan, “It is written, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God!”
Even Jesus knew that he would be rescued  by angels but he knows that humans must not tempt the Lord his God. He taught us not to tempt God.
Someone in China accidentally walked into the lions area in a zoo. Then he preached to the lions. It is obvious to know that lions eat meat, but he tempted God by going in there. Lions attacked him, biting but fortunately he was helped by rescuers. In our lives, act carefully, lest we tempt God in our actions.
5. Do not grumble.
Just say thanks in all circumstances. Murmuring, complain, get angry, do not do the truth before God. God wants us to always be grateful and pray for God’s help. Maybe your household situation makes you grouchy, or your job make you upset, watch out brothers and sisters, because nagging, murmuring will impact the loss of peace around us. Our families will be affected, and continue to be felt no peace until our hearts right. Therefore, do the word of God, do not grumble.
Verse 13 of 1 Corinthians 10, gives us a way out and divine strength, God’s power to intervene in every trial that we experience, the power of God that will enable us  to bear it all. Because the trial was not designed to exceed our strength, but we can overcome them because of the power of the Holy Spirit.
Hallelujah, I pray that you all can take a lesson from the history of Israel, and let us all actually maintain attitudes and our behavior, words and our speech and our mind to be always pleasing, and perfect in the sight of our God, the Lord Jesus Christ . Amen.

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